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Welcome to the world of robotics
Your reliable robot shop for science and entertainment

Discover at zeroDNA a wide range of professional robotics, electronics, 3D printer technology, motors, mechanical parts and complex components. We offer optimal and satisfying solutions for private individuals in the hobby and do-it-yourself segment and in pedagogical education and entertainment for children as well as for technical universities and science centres for specific robot parts and individual requests. Immerse yourself in the diversity of robotics and convince yourself of our product range.

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Robots have become indispensable in today's world and are becoming more and more part of our daily lives. Whether in the manufacturing industry, in mechanical engineering, in engineering, in aerospace technology, in health care or for the private hobbyist - robotics enriches and transforms our lives and enables ever more efficient and difficult work processes, which would not be imaginable without machines nowadays. We at zeroDNA offer you a wide range of robot hardware as well as the necessary electronics and mechanics.

Robot arms can be used excellently and in the most diverse areas when it comes to gripping, transporting and manipulating objects. Our walking robots have two or more legs with which they can move naturally and are either humanoid or similar to animals.

Whether two-legged, four-legged or hexapod - every journey begins with the first step. With the robots on wheels you have a wide selection of versatile, agile and mobile vehicles for indoor and outdoor use.

Tracked vehicles and tracked robots also allow you to cross impassable and difficult terrain. Get your ideas rolling.

Last but not least, we offer a wide range of pedagogically valuable learning robots, play robots for children and experimental kits for an adventurous introduction to the world of robotics and electronics, circuits and programming.

Breathe life into your robot

Even the most complex robot is useless if it cannot move. Whether it's moving on the floor or moving arms or a rotating head, our shop has a wide selection of servos for the actual movement, gear motors, encoders, sensors, actuators for the electrical conversion of current into kinetic energy and controllers to make your robot mobile.

If the motor is the heart of the machine, then the CPU is the brain. Without a processor, the robot cannot think and neither act nor react independently. In the zeroDNA-Onlineshop you will find a wide range of programmable microcontroller technology for individual command coding and software implementation like the Linux based Raspberry Pi single board computer, the open source platform Arduino or the Windows 10 based Lattepanda single board computer.

With the right IDE (integrated development environment) and a suitable programming language such as Python, C++, Java and other assembler tools, you can create the desired commands, loops and algorithms for your robot, which it can then execute with the help of servo motors and actuators.

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Everything for the 3D printer

3D printers are playing an increasingly important role in mass production and prototype manufacturing, whether in production, art and design, scientific laboratories, research, industry, science and research, architecture, modeling, automotive, medical, packaging, FabLabs or aerospace. But 3D printers are not only gaining more and more importance in laboratories, factories and industrial companies - 3D printers are becoming more and more popular in the private hobby sector and in home applications. In our shop you will find the necessary accessories such as extruders, fans, nozzles, levelling probes and printing plates as well as high-quality consumables and printing materials such as ABS filaments to realize your creative ideas and to create great creations and works of art with the help of 3D scanners or CAD software with STL interface.

3D Druck
Other robot parts and accessories

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, but without the individual parts the vision of the whole cannot be realized. Browse through our robotics shop and you will find a wide range of accessories needed to assemble a robot.

Especially mechanical parts like carrier boards, housings, gearwheels, chassis and axle holders are essential, because they form the skeleton and the basic structure of the machine.

In addition to electronic components such as sensors, circuit boards, DMX components, LEDs, displays, joysticks, adapters, cables, relays, modules, converters and rechargeable batteries, we offer essential and diverse mechanical components such as screws, nuts, pulleys, ball bearings, tubes, belts, tools and many other components and extras.

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zeroDNA is official distributor of DFRobot

Discover the product world of DFRobot. As an official partner and distributor of DFRobot, we will be able to offer you all articles of this brand at a reasonable price and deliver them as quickly as possible. This includes robotic parts, sensors, Arduino kits, LattePanda's and much more.

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