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AL5D Robotic Arm (verschiedene Ausf?hrungen)

Artikelnummer: LY-AL5D

Grösstes Robotic Arm Kit von Lynxmotion
aus Aluminium
mit Large Scale (Mega) Servos in Schulter und Ellbogen
mit oder ohne Controller zum Anschluß an serieller Schnittstelle am PC
verschiendene Softwareoptionen zur Auswahl

Kategorie: Roboterarme

220,95 €

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Das Produkt gibt es:

1) ohne Servos und Netzteil oder mit Servos ohne Netzteil
2) ohne Servocontroller oder mit Servocontroller und Netzteil
2) mit kostenfreier Software zum Download
oder mit RIOS PC Software
oder mit FlowBotics Studio Software

Einzelheiten bitte auf Herstellerseite nachlesen.

What it is

  • Serial port-based version with powerful PC software.
  • no software included, free software for download at Lynxmotion homepage
  • Easily control from a (optional) Servo-Controller board with serial PC connection.
  • This product includes everything you need to control the arm from a personal computer.
  • a power supply (6V 2A) is included when ordered with Servo Controller


  • AL5D Hardware-Only Kit (AL5D-NS), which includes:

             Arm Hardware, Base, Electronics Carrier, Gripper and Gripper Attachment Kit

  • optional Arm Electronics & Software Pack (AEP-KT), which includes:

             SSC-32 Servo Controller (SSC-32)
             DB9 Serial Data Cable (DB9-02)
             Power Supply 6VDC, 2A

  • optional Servos:

           1 x HS-422 standard-size servo
           1 x HS-485HB standard-size servo
           1 x HS-645MG standard-size servo
           1 x HS-755HB large-scale servo
           1 x HS-805BB large-scale servo

About the Robot Arm

The AL5D robotic arm delivers fast, accurate, and repeatable movement.
The robot features: base rotation, single plane shoulder, elbow, wrist motion, a functional gripper, and optional wrist rotate.
The AL5D robotic arm is an affordable system with a time tested rock solid design that will last and last.
Everything needed to assemble and operate the robot is included in the kit, but no software

The Mechanics
The aluminum robotic arm is made from our Servo Erector Set components for the ultimate in flexibility and expandability.
The kit consists of black anodized aluminum brackets, Aluminum tubing and hubs, custom injection molded components, and precision laser-cut Lexan components.

Controlling the Arm
Free software for download at
Note, DB9 Serial Data Cable included with SSC-32 Servo Controller.
Alternately the servo motors can be controlled directly from a microcontroller.
We sell the arm without electronics for these options.
New 3D image capture! With the addition of a GP2D12 sensor it is now possible to do experimental 3D image capturing with the latest version of RIOS

AL5D Robotic Arm Specs

  • No of axis = 4 + Gripper; Wrist Rotate upgrade optional
  • Distance (base-to-elbow axis) = 5.75"
  • Distance (elbow-to-wrist axis) = 7.375"
  • Servo motion control = local closed loop
  • Height (arm parked) = 7.25"
  • Height (reaching up) = 19.00"
  • Median forward reach = 10.25"
  • Gripper opening = 1.25"
  • Lift weight (arm extended) = approx. 13 oz
  • Weight (without batteries) = 31 oz
  • Range of motion per axis = 180 degrees
  • Accuracy of motion per axis = Servo controller dependent (SSC32=.09 degrees)
  • Servo voltage = 6 vdc

Does NOT come with optional wrist rotation as seen on image
To keep costs down we are not providing printed Assembly Guides.
They are provided online, so you will need to print them when you order the kits.
By providing the Assembly Guides online we can provide more detailed and up to date information than the old hardcopy method allowed.

Assembly Guides / Tutorials
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AL5 Projects
AL5D Image Gallery

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