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About us

About Us

zeroDNA is one of the largest and most popular online shops for robotics parts, 3D printing and electronics in Europe.

With over 10,000 articles, high availability, the fastest possible shipping and first-class customer service, we are the perfect contact when it comes to robotic components. At our headquarters in Landsberg am Lech we also have our own fulfillment warehouse for the daily dispatch of orders from the zeroDNA shop.

With a lot of visitors from organic sources (e.g. Google, Yahoo etc.) we are one of the best visited websites in the robotics sector. By the exclusive partnership to special suppliers, many products are available Europe-wide exclusively only with us.

Our customers are research institutions (e.g. universities, science centres, schools, authorities), aerospace industry, film and entertainment industry, engineers, hobbyists (e.g. model flying, vehicle construction, racing, ship modelling) up to end customers from the private sector.

Without you, we would never have achieved this. Therefore the satisfaction of our customers comes first. Thank you very much!

Our product range:

  • Robot wheels or chains, robot arms and robots with legs
  • Motors and servo motors of all kinds, mechanical components, chassis for robot construction
  • 3D printer, 3D scanner and filament (printing material))
  • Controllers, cables, batteries, displays, modules, sensors, joysticks and much more