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Actuonix T16-P Mini rail drive with feedback 200mm 64:1 12 Volt incl. control board for linear drives

Item number: T16-P

EAN: 4251326831465

Features: Compact Side by Side Design, Longer available strokes up to 300mm, Higher forces, Faster speeds

Category: Motors, Actuators & Servos

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T16-P Miniature Track Actuator With Feedback

Actuonix's unique line of Miniature Track Actuators enables a new generation of motion-enabled designs. They boast the same side by side design and versatile planetary gearbox as our P16 line. The T16 miniature track actuators offer capabilities that have never before been combined in a device of this size. These linear track actuators are a superior alternative to designing your own custom push/pull mechanisms.

As with our other "P" series actuators, the T16-P does not have a built in controller, but does provide an analog position feedback signal that can be input to an external controller. The "P" series can be used with our Linear Actuator Control Board (LAC) to give the "P" series the ability to be controlled with USB (via our Configuration Utility Software), 0.5v, 4-20mA, RC Servo or PWM. On-board adjustment of speed, sensitivity and stroke limits are available via the LAC. The "P" series are available in 12V only.

Our T16-P tracktuators are ideal for projects that require lots of force as well as a custom stroke length or a lower speed than our stock units. The track design makes the T16 significantly shorter than the same stroke length P16, since instead of an extending shaft, a sliding mount is provided. The sliding mount also significantly increases the maximum side load specification. Using our LAC board saves you designing a custom controller or a custom actuator.

All of our track actuators come with a hardware kit to make mounting simple.