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Breakout Board for microSD Card

Artikelnummer: PO-2597

This simple board breaks out the pins of a microSD card connector to a 0.1? pin spacing that is compatible with standard perfboards, solderless breadboards, and 0.1" connectors.

Kategorie: Pololu

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MicroSD memory cards (originally known as TransFlash) provide a compact and inexpensive way to add gigabytes of non-volatile storage to a project. All SD cards support communication over the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) bus, making it straightforward to interface one of these cards with an SPI-capable microcontroller.

This carrier board makes it easy to connect to a microSD card by breaking out all of the contacts from a microSD card socket into two rows of 0.1?-spaced pins. The board measures only 0.8? × 0.7?, and a set of breakaway 0.1? male header strips (one 1×7 and one 1×4) is included, which can be soldered in to use the board with breadboards, perfboards, or 0.1? female connectors. (The headers might ship as a single 1×11 piece that can be broken in two).

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