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Fingertech Cobra Mounting Kit

Artikelnummer: FT-cobra-mount

Um ein controller board auf das cobra mini sumo chassis anzubringen.

Kategorie: Fahrzeuge

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The Cobra mini sumo robot with four motors conforms to the mini-sumo ruleset of RoboGames, the world's largest robot competition.  Most smaller events uses these rules, but always check with your event organizer to make sure.


  • Width: 9.9cm (3.90")
  • Length: 9.75cm (3.84")
  • Height (ground to top of standoff): 3.77cm (1.48")
  • Weight: 333grams (11.75oz) - Maximum allowed by RoboGames is 500g (17.63oz)

Kit Includes:

  • Chassis: 1/16" thick garolite baseplate (pic). Has mounting holes for scoop, standoffs, and 3 QRD1114 floor sensors (2 front, 1 rear).
  • Motors: 4x 35:1 Spark Gearmotors
  • Wheels: 4x Cobra mini-sumo wheels.  Shore A20 polyurethane - the highest traction mini-sumo wheels available.
  • Sensors: Includes three QRD1114 floor sensors (2 front, 1 rear) mounted to chassis.
  • Scoop: 0.020" stainless steel angled scoop (can be legally sharpened to 0.010")
  • Steel Ballast: An underweight mini-sumo is at a disadvantage!  This steel ballast keeps the center of gravity low.
  • Screws: Four 6-32x0.375" screws for mounting the scoop, ballast and stand-offs.  Four for securing circuit board to standoffs. Two hex wrenches included for tightening screws and setscrews.


  • Battery: The chassis has a spot to accomodate a 26x53x26mm (2x1x1") battery.  Our Rhino 11.1V 360mAh fits perfectly and will run the robot for dozens of matches.  Some Velcro will secure it in place.
  • Electronics: In the chassis kit, the brains are up to you. You could use an Arduino Board or another controller.
  • Sensors: Opponent detection can be anything you desire. Choose your sensors here.
  • Motor drivers: (if not already included in your brain)

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