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Hitec HSR-1425CR Servo for continuous rotation with double ball bearing on the output shaft, for RC applications, 44U/min, 5V

Item number: HS-1425CR

EAN: 4251326834503

For applications where a limited range of motion is not acceptable, use this continuous rotation servo.

Category: Motors, Actuators & Servos

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The HSR-1425CR is a special motor designed for continuous rotation servo operation. Double ball bearings on the output shaft provide long life. Essentially, it is a geared motor that can be controlled by an RC servo controller. It is not normally used as an actuator as there is no possibility of telling it to move to a specific position, as is the case with a standard RC servo.

Normal servos can be adapted to continuous operation, but the problem is that the position range that causes the motor to stop is very narrow. Servos for continuous rotation can move forward or backward at different speeds, depending on the position they are in. With an adapted continuous rotation servo, the position range for the different speeds is very narrow, making it difficult to achieve a certain speed.

Motor characteristics:
- Motor type Continuous rotation Servo
- Rated torque 2.8 kg-cm
- Maximum speed at rated voltage 44 rpm

Physical characteristics:
- Gearbox Material Plastic
- Bearing type Double ball bearing MR106
- Motor length 36.6 mm
- Motor width 40.6 mm
- Motor depth 19.8 mm
- Wire length 300 mm
- Weight 34 g

>Electrical properties:
- Rated voltage 5 V DC
- Rated current (with 1061 control) 100 mA
- Rated current (with 1066 control) 100 mA
- Standstill current (with 1061 control) 500 mA
- Standstill current (with 1066 control) 430 mA

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