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Orangutan SVP-1284 Robot Controller Controller for small and medium sized robots from 6 - 13,5 V Atmel ATmega324PA AVR Micro-Controller

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Orangutan SVP-1284 robot controller with integrated AVR ISP programmer Processor Atmel ATMega1284 with 128KB flash, 16KB RAM, 4KB EEprom Dual channel motor driver 2A per channel 16x2 LCD Demulitiplexer for 8 servos

Category: Motordriver

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The Polulu Orangutan SVP-1284 Robot Controller is a complete control solution for small and medium size robots that run from 6 to 13.5 V. The Polulu Orangutan SVP-1284 Robot Controller is a complete control solution for small and medium size robots. The module was developed around the powerful Atmel ATmega324PA AVR microcontroller (32 KB Flash, 2 KB RAM and 1 KB EEPROM) or the ATmega1284P (128 KB Flash, 16 KB RAM and 4 KB EEPROM). The Orangutan SVP-324 robot controller operates at 20 MHz and is a full complement of device hardware to support robot applications.

As the Orangutan SVP-324 robot controller gives you direct access to the ATmega324 or ATmega1284 microcontroller, it is compatible with the entire development software for Atmel's AVR microcontroller - including Atmel's free AVR-Studio and the WinAVR GCC C/C++ compiler. The manufacturer Polulu also offers an extensive set of software libraries, which make it easier for you to connect any integrated hardware - including the auxiliary microcontrollers.

    Specifications and on-board hardware:
  • Exterior: 3,70x2,20''
  • Input voltage: 6 to 13.5 V
  • Programmable 20 MHz Atmel ATmega1284P AVR microcontroller with 128 KB Flash, 16 KB RAM and 4 KB EEPROM
  • Built-in USB AVR ISP Programmer (USB A to Mini-B cable included)
  • 2 bidirectional motor ports (continuous 2 A per channel, maximum 6 A per channel)
  • 8 output demultiplexer bound to one of the user AVRs Hardware PWM for easy control of up to 8 servos
  • 21 free I/O lines
    • 17 free I/O lines on the main AVR MCU, eight of which can be analog inputs
    • 4 input lines on the auxiliary processor, which can be either four analog inputs or dual quadrature encoder inputs
    • 2 Hardware UARTs
  • Removable 16 character and 2 line LCD with backlighting
  • Primärer 5V switching regulator with capacity 3 A to supply
  • Second adjustable (2,5 V - 85% of VIN) buck (assignable) voltage regulator to supply with the capacity 3 A
  • Buzzer bound to one of the user AVRs Hardware PWMs
  • 3 User pushbutton switch
  • 2 user LEDs
  • Power- (Push-On/Push-Off) and Reset pushbutton switch
  • Circuit makes it easy to add additional power buttons and offers a self shutdown option
  • Auxiliary processor (connected via SPI):
    • Read battery voltage
    • Read user trimmer potentiometer
    • Integrated USB port
    • In-system programming of the main processor
    • Möslichkeit to read two Quadrature encoders

Further information can be found on the product page of the manufacturer Polulu.

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