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Phidgets 1011_0 Phidget InterfaceKit 2/2/2 - small dongle with digital and analog inputs

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Small Dongle with 2 Analog Inputs, 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs. Use it when space is critical.

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Phidgets 1011_0 Phidget InterfaceKit 2/2/2

The dongle-sized PhidgetInterfaceKit 2/2/2 is designed for customers who only need a few analog inputs, digital inputs or digital outputs, and is ideal for projects where space is at a premium.

To keep the board small, the connectors have been removed from the board and fed out via a 12-wire cable.


Analog Inputs:

The analog inputs are used to measure continuous variables such as temperature, humidity, position, or pressure. Phidgets offers a variety of sensors that can be connected directly to the 1011's cable jack via the supplied cable.

Sampling rates can be set to 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms and multiples of 8ms up to 1000ms.


Digital Inputs:

The digital inputs have a hardware filter to prevent false triggering due to electrical noise. They can be used to transmit the state of devices such as pushbuttons, limit switches, relays, and logic levels.


Digital Outputs:

The digital outputs can be used to drive LEDs, solid state relays (such as the 3052 SSR Relay Board), transistors, and anything that accepts a CMOS signal.
Wires 1,2,3 and wires 7,8,9 terminate in a socket provided for the phidget cable. The other wires are loose.

The PhidgetInterfaceKit 2/2/2 comes with a special cable that plugs into the back of the stick




  • Controlled by: USB (Mini-USB)
  • API object name: DigitalInput, DigitalOutput, VoltageInput, VoltageRatioInput
  • USB Voltage: Min 4.6 V DC
  • USB Voltage: Max 5.5 V DC
  • Current consumption: Min 20 mA
  • Current consumption: Max 500 mA
  • Available external current: 480 mA
  • USB speed: Full speed
  • Operating temperature: Min 0 °C
  • Operating temperature: Max 70 °C

Voltage inputs:

  • Number of voltage inputs: 2
  • Voltage input resolution: 10 bit
  • Input impedance: 900 kΩ
  • Input voltage Min: 0 V DC
  • Input voltage Max: 5 V DC
  • 5 V reference error Max: 0.5 %.
  • Voltage input update rate Min: 1 sample/s
  • Update rate of the voltage input Max: 1000 samples/s
  • Update rate of voltage input Max (WebService): 62.5 samples/s

Digital inputs:

  • Number of digital inputs: 2
  • Pull-up resistance: 15 kΩ
  • Low voltage Max (True): 800 mV DC
  • High voltage Min (False): 2.1 V DC
  • Low voltage trigger length Min: 4 MS
  • High Voltage Trigger Length Min: 15 ms
  • Digital input voltage Max: ± 15 V DC
  • Digital input update rate: 125 samples/s

Digital outputs:

  • Number of digital outputs: 2
  • Series resistance: 300 Ω
  • Digital output current Max: 16 mA
  • Digital output voltage Min: 0 V DC
  • Digital output voltage Max: 5 V DC


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