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Phidgets DC power source 1.5V - 5V PSU2001_0 Adapter with adjustable voltage

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This adapter provides an adjustable 1.5 to 5V from your hub's USB voltage, and can be turned on and off as a Digital Output.

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For sensors and circuits that need to run on less than 5V, this adapter is an easy solution to integrate it with your Phidgets system. The PSU2001 plugs into a VINT port and steps down the USB voltage as low as 1.5V DC. There's a trim pot on the board to adjust the power source to the desired level, and the source can be turned on and off by toggling the state of the digital output of the VINT port it's connected to.

Part 1: Setup

Welcome to the PSU2001 user guide! In order to get started, make sure you have the following hardware on hand:

  • PSU2001 - DC Power Source 1.5V - 5V
  • VINT Hub
  • Phidget cable
  • USB cable and computer
  • something to use with the PSU2001 (e.g. a series circuit)
  • A multimeter or voltage input to measure the output voltage
  • a small phillips or flathead screwdriver

Next, you will need to connect the pieces:

PSU2001 Functional.jpeg
  1. Connect the PSU2001 to the VINT Hub using the Phidget cable.
  2. Connect the VINT Hub to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Turn on the digital output and measure the PSU2001's output using the multimeter or voltage input
  4. Adjust the Trim pot until the desired output voltage is reached
  5. Turn off the digital output and connect the circuit to the the "Vout" and "GND" terminals
  6. Turn on the digital output again to power your circuit

Now that you have everything together, let's start using the PSU2001!

Phidget Control Panel

In order to demonstrate the functionality of the PSU2001, the Phidget Control Panel running on a Windows machine will be used.

The Phidget Control Panel is available for use on both macOS and Windows machines.


To open the Phidget Control Panel on Windows, find the Ph.jpg icon in the taskbar. If it is not there, open up the start menu and search for Phidget Control Panel

Windows PhidgetTaskbar.PNG


To open the Phidget Control Panel on macOS, open Finder and navigate to the Phidget Control Panel in the Applications list. Double click on the Ph.jpg icon to bring up the Phidget Control Panel.

For more information, take a look at the getting started guide for your operating system:

Linux users can follow the getting started with Linux guide and continue reading here for more information about the PSU2001.

First Look

After plugging the PSU2001 into your computer and opening the Phidget Control Panel, you will see something like this:

PSU2001 Panel.jpg

The Phidget Control Panel will list all connected Phidgets and associated objects, as well as the following information:

  • Serial number: allows you to differentiate between similar Phidgets.
  • Channel: allows you to differentiate between similar objects on a Phidget.
  • Version number: corresponds to the firmware version your Phidget is running. If your Phidget is listed in red, your firmware is out of date. Update the firmware by double-clicking the entry.

The Phidget Control Panel can also be used to test your device. Double-clicking on an object will open an example.

Part 2: Using Your Phidget


The PSU2001 is a simple way to provide 1.5V - 5V DC power to a circuit or sensor. You interact with the PSU2001 through the Digital Output Channel Class to turn the power on and off. The output voltage can be adjusted using the trim pot.

Explore Your Phidget Channels Using The Control Panel

Double click on the Digital Output channel class under the port your PSU2001 is connected to.

PSU2001 Panel Example.jpg

Part 3: Create your Program

1. Setting up your Programming Environment

2. Phidget Programming Basics

Product Specifications

Controlled by: Digital Output
Output Voltage Max: 5 V DC
Output Voltage Min: 1.5 V DC
Available External Current: * 500 mA
Turn-on Time Max: 4 ms
Object Temperature Min: -40 °C
Object Temperature Max: 85 °C

 * - If the attached circuit draw more than 0.5A, the PSU2001 will not be able to keep the output voltage at the selected level.

Shipping weight: 0,03 Kg
Product weight: 0,02 Kg