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Phidgets TPK-01 bead probe K-type thermocouple, 1m length, -50°C to 200°C, 26 AWG

Item number: PHI-3107_0

EAN: 4251326831885

The best known sensor, large measuring range, good in oxidizing atmosphere.

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A thermocouple is a device consisting of 2 different conductors that generate a voltage proportional to a temperature difference between both ends of the pair of conductors. There are many types of thermocouples with different types of conductors and probe types.

Most thermocouples generate voltages of less than 50mV, requiring very sensitive electronics to communicate with them.

The insulation surrounding the thermocouple is the limiting factor in the true temperature range. For example, a type K to +200°C thermocouple insulated with Teflon is good. The same thermocouple with fiberglass is good up to 480°C. For short periods of time, thermocouples may be subjected to higher thermal stress than they are rated for, but will deteriorate if subjected to very high thermal stress for a longer period of time.

Product specifications

Sensor characteristics:
- Sensor type Thermocouple
- Control via thermocouple interface

-Temperature sensor:
- Thermocouple type K
- Probe type Bead
- Ambient temperature Min -50 °C
- Ambient temperature Max. 200 °C
- Ambient temperature error Max ± 0,75 °C

- Physical properties:
- Connector type 6mm stripped wires
- Cable length 1 m
- Cable cross section 28 AWG
- Insulation material Teflon
- Probe material Chromel-Alumel

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Product weight: 0,01 Kg