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Phidgets button load cell (0-200kg) - CZL204E, load module, load cell. Pressure load cell 12V DC, 350 O

Item number: PHI-3137_0

EAN: 4251326830246

This load cell measures compressive forces of up to 200 kg and is connected to a bridge input.

Category: Pressure & Force

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 A Wägezelle is a load-carrying module - a carefully designed metal structure with small elements called strain gauges that are mounted at exact locations on the structure. Wäge cells are designed to measure a specific force and ignore other forces that occur. This force cell is designed to measure compression. The electrical signal output of the cell is very small and requires a special amplification. Glüciently, Phidget Bridge Interfaces take care of the entire amplification and measurement of the electrical output, see Connection & Compatibility tab for details.

By charging only the slightly rounded button, the load cell is less sensitive to errors caused by the load not pressing exactly on the load cell.  

Product specifications

Sensor properties:
- Sensor type Pressure load cell
- Controlled by bridge input
- Load capacity Max 200 kg
- Maximum overload 240 kg
- Creep* 40 g/hr
- Zero adjustment * ± 2 kg
- Cell reproducibility error Max * ± 200 g
- Cells nonlinearität Max * 400 g
- Temperature influence on span * 10 g/°C
- Temperature influence on zero * 10 g/°C

- Electrical properties:
- Rated power * 1 mV/V/V
- Rated output error Max 40 μV/V
- Output impedance 350 Ω
- Supply voltage min. 5 V DC
- Supply voltage max. 12 V DC

- Physical properties:
- Cable length 3 m
- Cable cross section 30 AWG
- Material Aluminium alloy & alloyed steel
- Thread size M3x0.5


Shipping weight: 0,10 Kg
Product weight: 0,06 Kg