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Phidgets - single-point microweighing cell (0-780g) - CZL616CC suitable for jewelry and kitchen scales

Item number: PHI-3132_0

EAN: 4251326829820

This load cell measures shear forces up to 780g and is connected to a bridge input.

Category: Pressure & Force

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This single-point cell is used in small jewelry and kitchen scales. It is mounted by screwing the end of the weight cell to which the wires are attached and applying force to the other end in the direction of the arrow. Where the force is applied is not critical as this cell measures a shearing effect on the beam and not the bending of the beam. If you mount a small platform on the girder cell, as would be the case on a small scale, this girder cell will provide accurate readings regardless of the position of the load on the platform.

Product specifications

Sensor characteristics:
- Controlled by bridge input
- Sensor type Shear load cell
- Max. load capacity 780 g
- Maximum Üoverload 936 g
- Creep1.6 g/hr
- Zero point adjustment ± 11.7 g
- Cell reproducibility error Max ± 390 mg
- Cell nonlinearity Max. 390 mg
- Cell hysteresis Max. 390 mg
- Temperature influence on span 39 mg/°C
- Temperature influence on zero 39 mg/°C

- Electrical properties:
- Rated power 800 μV/V
- Rated output error Max ± 100 μV/V
- Output impedance 1 kΩ
- Supply voltage max. 5 V DC

- Physical Properties:
- Compensated Temperature Min -10 °C
- Compensated Temperature Max. 40 °C
- Operating Temperature Min -20 °C
- Operating Temperature Max. 55 °C
- Cable length 200 mm
- Cable cross-section 30 AWG
- Material Aluminium alloy (LY12CZ)
- Thread size M3x0.5

Shipping weight: 0,02 Kg
Product weight: 0,01 Kg