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Pololu 298:1 Micrometal gear motor LP 6V with extended motor shaft, miniature DC motor, 45U/min, 20mA, 6V

Item number: PO-2208

EAN: 4251326834459

This geared motor is a miniature DC motor with low power and 6 V brush power and a metal gear 297.92:1.

Category: Motors, Actuators & Servos

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These tiny rust impaired DC geared motors are available in a wide range of ratios from 5:1 to 1000:1 and with five different motors: powerful 6V and 12V motors with long-life carbon rust (HPCB) and powerful (HP), medium power (MP) and low power (LP) 6V motors with durable precious metal rust. The 6 V and 12 V HPCB motors offer the same power at their respective rated voltages, with the 12 V motor consuming only half the current of the 6 V motor. The 6 V HPCB and 6 V HP motors are identical, with the exception of their Bürsten, which only affect the life of the motor.

With the exception of the 1000:1 gear versions, all micrometal gearmotors have the same physical dimensions, so one version can be easily replaced by another when your design requirements change.

Note: Overtightening or overloading gearmotors can greatly shorten their service life and even result in immediate damage.

- Größe: 10 × 12 × 26 mm
- Weight: 9,5 g
- Shaft diameter: 3 mm

General specifications:
- Ratio: 297,92:1
- Idle speed at 6V: 45 rpm.
- No-load current at 6V: 0.02 A
- Standstill current at 6V: 0.36 A
- Standstill torque at 6V: 2.0 kg-cm
- Maximum output power at 6V: 0.22 W
- Longer motor shaft?:     Y
- Motor type:      0.36A Stall at 6V (LP 6V)

Power at maximum efficiency:
- Maximum efficiency at 6V: 27%.
- Speed at maximum efficiency: 34 rpm.
- Torque at maximum efficiency: 0.44 kg-cm
- Current at maximum efficiency: 0.09 A
- Output power at maximum efficiency: 0.15 W

Shipping weight: 0,02 Kg
Product weight: 0,01 Kg