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Pololu - Adjustable High Voltage Regulator U1V11A Step-Up Boost Regulator 11.5 × 15.3 × 2.5 mm

Item number: PO-2560

EAN: 4251326827321

This compact U1V11A switching voltage regulator efficiently increases input voltages up to 0.5V to an adjustable output voltage between 2V and 5.25V. Unlike most boost regulators, the U1V11A offers a true shutdown option that shuts off the power to the load and automatically switches to a linear downshift mode when the input voltage exceeds the output. The pins are spaced 0.1″ apart, making this board compatible with commercially available louvre-free breadboards and perfboards.

Category: Pololu

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This adjustable boost (step-up) voltage regulator generates up to 0.5 V higher output voltages (between 2 V and 5.25 V) from input voltages and automatically switches to a linear downshift mode when the input voltage exceeds the output. This makes it ideal for powering electronic projects with 1 to 3 NiMH, NiCd or alkaline cells or a single lithium ion cell.

When boosting, this module acts as a switching regulator (also called switching power supply (SMPS) or DC/DC converter) and has a typical efficiency between 70% and 90%. The available output current is a function of the input voltage, output voltage and efficiency (see Typical Efficiency and Output Current section below), but the input current can typically be up to 1.2A. This regulator is also available with a fixed 3.3V or a fixed 5V output, and very similar regulators are available in a much smaller size with a fixed 3.3V or a fixed 5V output.



Input voltage: 0.5 V to 5.5 V
Adjustable output voltage from 2 V to 5.25 V
Real shutdown option that turns off the power to the load.
Automatic linear derating when the input voltage is greater than the output voltage.
1.2 A switch allows input power up to 1.2A.
Good efficiency at low load: <1 mA typical no-load quiescent current, although it can exceed 1 mA at very low input voltages (<100 μA typical quiescent current with SHDN = LOW).
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Small size: 11.5 × 15.3 × 2.5 mm

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