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Pololu Allegro ACS711EX Current sensor carrier -31A to +31A Carrier, galvanic isolation up to 100V

Item number: PO-2453

EAN: 4251326829899

This board is a simple carrier of the Allegro ±31 A A ACS711 Hall effect based linear current sensor with overcurrent fault output that provides a low impedance (~0.6 mO) current path and galvanic isolation up to 100V.

Category: Current & Voltage

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This current sensor is a carrier board or breakout board for the Allegro ACS711KEXLT-31AB-T Hall Effect based linear current sensor with overcurrent output; we therefore recommend that you read the ACS711 data sheet (533k pdf) carefully before using this product. This sensor has an operating voltage of 3 V to 5.5 V and an output sensitivity of 45 mV/A at Vcc of 3.3 V (or 68 mV/A at Vcc of 5 V). The following list describes some of the most important features of the sensor:

- Designed for bidirectional input power from -31 A to 31 A (although the rugged sensor IC can tolerate 100 ms transient current peaks to 100 A).
- The internal resistance of the traces is typically 0.6 mΩ, and the PCB is made of 2oz copper, so very little energy is lost in the PCB.
- Using a Hall-effect sensor means that the IC is able to electrically isolate the current path from the sensor's electronics (for applications up to 100 V), allowing the sensor to be used anywhere along the current path and in applications requiring galvanic isolation.
- 100 kHz bandwidth.
- High accuracy and reliability: The factory calibration results in a typical total output error of ±4% at room temperature, the output offset voltage is extremely stable and the sensor has no magnetic hysteresis.
>- Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C.

- Größe: 0,7″ x 0,8″
- Weight: 1,0 g1

General specifications
- Current measurement: 0,045 V/A2
- Minimum logic voltage: 3 V
- Maximum logic voltage: 5,5 V
- Power supply: 4 mA

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