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Pololu - Bodhilabs VPack, Boost regulator Board with 5V > 300mA power

Item number: PO-784

EAN: 4251326825525

This board from Bodhilabs is a convenient way to add a step-up voltage regulator to your electronic circuitry to power your digital logic from two-cell battery packs. The board comes with a regulated output voltage of 5V, but you can control the output voltage by changing the RF2 resistor.

Category: Pololu

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The VPack-Boost controller provides a constant output voltage between 3 and 6.5 V from a lower input voltage between 1 and 4.5 V, as you would expect from a two-cell battery pack. The device is configured to generate the 5V output voltage required for TTL digital logic, but the RF2 resistor can be changed to adjust the output voltage, e.g. for 3.3V applications. The typical output current is less than 300 mA and is a function of the step-up voltage: the higher the step-up voltage, the less current the device can deliver.

The output voltage typically has a ripple of 100 - 150 mV peak-to-peak; the magnitude is also a function of the step-up voltage. If your application does not tolerate this ripple, you can reduce it by placing a 100 uF tantalum capacitor between output and ground.

>This board can be purchased individually or mounted compactly on 2-AA and 2-AAA battery mounts. This unit is functionally identical to the Bodhilabs VPack rectangular booster controller, but the more compact layout could be desirable for certain applications.


Gröe: 0.80" x 0.80" x 0.80".
Weight: 2 g
Input voltage: 1 - 4.5 V
Output voltage: 3 - 6.5 V (device is supplied with a voltage set to 5 V)
Output voltage ripple: 100 - 150 mV pk-pk (depending on the rising voltage)
Typical output current: 200 - 500 mA (depending on the rising voltage)

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