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Pololu Deluxe Serial Adapter from/to PC Level to TTL Microcontroller Level with mounted DB9 socket and included pin header

Item number: PO-126

EAN: 4251326821947

Serial Adapter from/to PC Level to TTL (Microcontroller) Level with mounted DB9 female connector and male connector

Category: Pololu

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The Polulu Deluxe Serial Adapter is very well suited for converting logic level signals to higher voltages that require RS-232 and similar serial ports. The Deluxe Serial Adapter allows you to connect your 3-5.5V logic circuit to a COM port. The COM port works with a higher voltage (EIA-232, similar to the older RS-232 standard). The Deluxe Serial Adapter is available fully assembled with a pin header facing down. So you can use prototyping boards and plug-in boards. The Deluxe Serial Adapter differs from most competing devices by its five drivers and three receivers, which give you access to all eighth signal lines of the DB9 connector. This means your project can use all coupling lines and status bars in addition to standard serial communication. Even if you are not using the lines for their intended purpose, it is convenient if you can reset your processor by using one of the additional lines. A port acquisition line gives your project additional options for responding to a physical port to a serial port. All this connectivity comes in a compact package. Device Specifications: PCB size: 1.30'' x 1.22'' including connector Serial standards: TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU v.28 Number of drivers: 5 Number of receivers: 3 Connection: DB9 socket Data input and output voltage: 3 to 5.5V Maximum data transfer rate: 250 kbps Power supply: 2mA Modules Assignments: Pole Type Function DCD In "Data Carrier Detect" - data carrier recognition RX Asynchronous serial data reception TX Out Asynchronous serial data transmission DTR Out "Data Terminal Ready" - Control output (often used with DSR) GND Power Grounding DSR In "Data Set Ready" - Control input (often used with DTR) RTS Out "Ready To Send" - Control output (often used with CTS) CTS In "Clear To Send" - Control input (often used with RTS) RI In "Ring Indicator" (call signal) - Control input VCC Power Logic Supply voltage INV Out Detection pole of serial port; high if serial port connected TX Out Asynchronous serial data transmission, inverted (low idle)

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