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Pololu Dual High-Current Motor Drive Carrier VNH3 9A High-Current Motor Driver Carrier for VNH3SP30 and VNH2SP30

Item number: PO-707

EAN: 4251326822944

Dual Motor Controller 9A continuous current (20A peak)

Category: Motordriver

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The Polulu Dual High-Current Motor Driver Carrier VNH3 9 A is a compact carrier for the VNH3SP30 and VNH2SP30 motor drivers that are integrated into ST's circuits. The board integrates most of the components of the typical application diagram on page 8 of the VNH2SP30 datasheet including the pull-up and current limiting resistors and a FET for reverse polarity protection. The current sense circuit is on the board for both versions, but only the VNH2SP30 supports the current sense. To keep the number of I/O lines low, the two activatable/diagnostic lines on each chip are tied together. All you need to turn the H bridges on and off is a microcontroller or other control circuitry.

Please note that you must connect capacitors and plugs!

In a typical application, the power connections are on one side of the board and the control connections are on the other side of the board. A voltage of 5 V must be passed through the small 0.1'' poles to the board. The input voltage is dependent on these poles, but the connection is not intended for currents exceeding a few amperes.

The diagnostic poles can remain separate if you do not want to monitor the fault conditions of the engine driver. INA and INB control the direction of each motor. The WM pole either turns the motor on or off.

In the VNH2SP30 version, the current sense poles (CS) will output approximately 0.13 V per amp of output current.

The Dual Motor Driver PCB includes controls for installing up to three large capacitors to limit the disturbances on the main power line.

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