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Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 CS MOSFET H-Bridge Motor Driver bidirectional control 5,5V to 30V

Item number: PO-1455

EAN: 4251326823057

The Polulu High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 CS is a standalone MOSFET H-bridges Motor Driver

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The Polulu High-Power Motor Driver 18v25 CS is an independent MOSFET H-Bridge Motor Driver. It allows bidirectional control of a high performance rugged DC motor. The compact board (1.8x1.2 inches) supports the wide voltage range from 5.5 to 30 V and is efficient enough to provide a continuous 25 A continuous load without any heat sink. This version outputs an analog voltage proportional to the motor current. An additional control input allows thrust operation in addition to driving and braking, which is provided by other high performance motor drivers from Polulu.

The versatility of this motor driver makes it suitable for a wide range of currents and voltages: the motor driver can deliver a continuous current of up to 25A with a size of only 1.8x1.2'' and no required bulkhead. With the addition of a Kühlk, the motor driver can drive a motor with a continuous current up to 40 A.

PIN ground state Description
V+ This is the 5.5 to 30 V (absolute maximum) main motor power supply connection that should typically run to the larger V+ pad. The smaller V+ pads along the long side of the board are for power supply capacitors, and the smaller V+ pads on the logic side give you access to monitor the motor power supply (it should not be used for higher currents).
5 V (out) This regulated 5 V output offers several milliamps. Can be shorted to VCS to drive the current sensor. This output should not be connected to other external power supply lines. Please be careful not to inadvertently short-circuit this pin to the adjacent V+ while power is being supplied. If this happens, the board will be immediately destroyed!
VCS This pole connects to 5 V to drive the current sensor.
GND Ground connection for logic circuit and power supply
CS On CS714 Current Sensor Output (66 mV/A centered at 2.5 V)
OUTA A Motor output
OUTB B Motor output
PWMH LOW Pulse width modulation input: a PWM signal on this pole corresponds to the PWM output on the motor output
PWML HIGH control input which allows deceleration operation when both PWML and PWMH poles are set low.
DIR LOW Direction input: when the pole is set high, the current flows from OUTA to OUTB. When the pole is set to low, the current flows from OUTB to OUTA.
RESET HIGH The RESET pole is pulled up to the V+ pole by a 20 kilo-ohm resistor. When the pole RESET is kept low, the driver switches to a low power consumption sleep mode and loses any permanent error flags.
FF1 LOW Error flag 1 Indicator: This pole is set to high when certain errors occur.
FF2 LOW Error flag 2 Indicator: This pole sets to high when certain errors occur.

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