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Pololu USB to Serial Adapter compact USB 2.0 based on Silicon Labs CP2102 Chip 25mA

Item number: PO-391

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Serial to USB Converter Module very compact USB 2.0 based on Silicon Labs CP2102 chip 25mA

Category: Pololu

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The Polulu USB to Serial Adapter is ideal for connecting microcontroller projects with a computer. The adapter uses a signal level of 3.3V. That's why you can connect the adapter directly to any microcontroller that works up to a voltage of 5V without having to deal with an RS-232 to TTL level converter. The USB to Serial Adapter is based on the Silicon Labs CP2102 chip. The Polulu adapter measures 1.0'' x 0.7'' including its mini-B connector and is easy to mount with just four rows of plug-in boards. The driver makes the USB adapter look like a standard serial port of the operating system, allowing you to connect all your existing software through one port. The adapter is USB 2.0 compatible and allows a baud rate of up to 921.6 kbps. Drivers are for Windows 98 to Vista, Linux and Mac OS X. Typical connections: To connect a serial device to the USB port of your computer, you need the GND, TX and RX lines. The TX and RX lines use the 3.3V level, but the input line of the USB adapter can handle up to 5.5V. Therefore a direct connection to the input and output lines of a microcontroller is possible. For some programs, however, it is necessary to connect the data flow control lines (RTS, CTS, etc.) if the software cannot establish the connection itself with these lines. In general, however, the data flow control lines can remain separate in order to be used for their intended purpose or as additional input and output lines to the computer. Specifications PCB size: 1.0'' x 0.65'' including connector USB standard: USB 2.0 (full speed) Connection: USB mini-B Data input and output voltage level: 3.3V (5V tolerable) Maximum data rate: 921.6kbps Supply current: 25mA Pole Type Function DCD In "Data Carrier Detect" - Control input (low activity) DTR Out "Data Terminal Ready" - Control output (low activity) (often used with DSR) DSR In "Data Set Ready" - Control input (low activity) often used with DTR) RTS Out "Ready To Send" - Control output (often used with CTS) CTS In "Clear To Send" - Control input (often used with RTS) GND Power Grounding TX Out Asynchronous serial data transmission (high idle speed) VBUS Power USB bus voltage RX In asynchronous serial data receiver SUSPEND Out Low drive when USB in lock stature SUSPEND Out High drive when USB in lock stature RST I/O Device reset RI In "Ring Indicator" - Control input (low activity) VDD Power Voltage regulator output

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